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Elegant round marble finishing bag, with handmade brass contouring.

Resin Material


3 reviews for Infinity

  1. Fabiola

    Excelente producto ❤️

  2. Catherine

    Great bag. A head turner!

  3. Caitie

    I had a great experience with Ramla Handbags and I want to share it so others could support this company. I bought a Ramla bag from a third-party seller and was not happy with the quality. During my research, I messaged the Facebook page asking questions about their manufacturing practices.

    The CEO of the company was fielding my questions way after business hours and offered to send me another bag. I did not expect her to do that since I got the bag from a different seller, but she said that her name was on it and she backs the quality no matter who was selling the bag.

    I can totally get behind those ethics and will be purchasing another bag from her directly in the future. Thank you Ikram Ramla, and I wish you much success in the future. You have a customer for life.

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